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3 & 5 Year Warranty

Tunit was the first company to offer a full 3 Year product warranty on their products and in more recent times a 5 Year Warranty. Our warranty is testimony to the sturdiness and longevity of the Tunit products, covering all casings, hardware and software.

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1 Year Warranty

All tunit products come with a comprehensive Free 1 Year Warranty covering all components of your Engine and driveline. Despite Tunit has an impeccable record of no failures we readily warrant you against any potential failure and in turn any concerns of reliability. The Warranty is also able to be extended if required.

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Tunit Warranty
The Limited Product Warranty is issued by Tunit (BVS Ltd) to their customers who have purchased and had installed, (The Engine Management Device) and who otherwise satisfy the terms and conditions of this warranty. The term 'warranty' refers to this Tunit (BVS Ltd) Product Limited Warranty. This product provides warranty only to their customers and only in respect of their customer's vehicle for a 5 year period following the installation of the (The Engine Management Device).